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We, at Gadre Consulting, offer high-end software consultancy service for business and technical requirements. As you can see, our site is pretty static. We believe in getting the message across to-the-point with no frills, and gimmicks.


Software Architecture and Design

·       For Startups with ideas

If you are a startup having great ideas, we can partner with you and help you define and monitor technical feasibility, roadmap, and technology choices. We will also help you interview and identify software development teams suitable for your needs. We will brainstorm with you and identify possible technical failure points and weak links.


·       For Software Development Teams

If you are a software company, we work with you in architecting and designing complex large scale software systems with multiple dynamic parts, and componentizing the software system. You may be a software development team with fresh engineers and may need architectural and design reviews, and brainstorming on technology choices.


·       For Corporations and Businesses

If your business requires to build a new line of business software, we work with you to arrive at the optimal solutions. After studying your business processes, we suggest the best architecture and design alternatives and technology choices for your business needs. We evaluate your IT infrastructure needs and suggest requirements. We help you to interview and select the appropriate software development teams. We monitor the execution and suggest course correction as and when necessary.


Database Auditing and Optimization

We create the optimal database schema for your database needs. We study your existing database schema and audit it against your usage patterns and various database best practices. We provide restructuring and optimizing strategies for your database for performance and size.


Parallel and Distributed Computing Strategies

We study your existing or future software processes and understand what can be parallelized or run concurrently. We then architect and design or redesign your software components so that you can harness and utilize the benefits of parallel processing and distributed processing.


Mobile Devices Strategy

Do you need a mobile application? Why? When? How? We work with you to answer these questions with a view of your business requirements and plans.


Software Globalization

We have years of experience in creating software for the world. In addition to the European languages, we have extensive experience in locale specific requirements for the Middle East (Arabic / Hebrew), South Asia (all Indic languages, Thai, Sinhala etc.), and East Asia (Japanese, Korean, Chinese). We define globalization infrastructure, and software designs for your needs so that your business or product does not face cultural and language barriers across the globe.


Big Data

Do you think you have Big Data? We can evaluate if you really need big data infrastructure and define the roadmap for implementation.


Cloud Computing

Do you want to move to cloud? Why? When? How? These are the business question that we can help you answer with the view of the business needs and projections.


Data and Service Security

We design a user based / role based / hybrid security system with Third Party or Second Party authentication for access to your data and services.


Our Team

Makarand Gadre – Principal Architect

·       35+ years of software development and engineering experience

·       20 years at Microsoft as Software Development Manager, Engineer and Architect, on various software systems and platforms like Excel, Windows, .NET etc.

·       10+ years in software development, design and architecture for various business and technical areas like

o  ERP optimization

o  Big Data

o  Cloud Computing Strategies

o  Database optimization strategies

o  Civil Engineering structural design

o  Industrial process control

·       Senior member of IEEE

Aniruddha (“Rudy”) Gadre - Strategic Advisor

·       25+ years of experience with software and internet businesses

·       Former general counsel of Facebook (Palo Alto, CA, USA)

·       Former VP Legal at (Seattle, WA, USA)

·       Active angel investor since 2010

·       Advisor to dozens of startups




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